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1. Service Content, Scope of Performance, Essential Characteristics of the Service according to § 2 II, 1. FernabsG (German Distance Selling Act)

The service provided by call-put-option.com is an information service for speculatively oriented investors. call-put-option.com provides its subscribers with the information published on the Internet site www.call-put-option.com and in the trading newsletter call-put-option. These contain the description and application of a successful method of trading in stock options, as well as concrete trading suggestions by means of purchase and sale recommendations. The trading newsletter is sent by e-mail and does not have any fixed publication dates. No claim exists to any special contents or to any determined scope of the trading newsletter. call-put-option.com observes the development of the markets and informs the subscribers about current opportunities and/or entry and exit possibilities. All the information conveyed or provided therein reflects the opinions, thoughts and intuitions of the authors involved in call-put-option.com and, in particular, do not represent consultation. It is not an invitation for the purchase or sale of securities. Whoever transacts business on the basis of the recommendations of call-put-option.com, thereby declares that he is adequately informed about the special risks and functioning of different forms of investment. Any liability for direct and indirect consequences arising from the suggestions of the trading newsletter is herewith excluded. No guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the contents can be assumed. Any profits achieved in the past do not represent a guarantee for future events. In no case should you make rash investment decisions on the basis of this information. The information provided by call-put-option.com does not replace private research, as well as consultation provided by your house bank or by an investment consultant. It is in the nature of investment decisions and information relating to them that they may also be wrong.
call-put-option.com reserves the right to supplement, to expand or in any other manner to change the information provided.

2. Remuneration, Maturity, Price, Payment Details according to § 2 II, 5.+7. FernabsG

The complete price of the service including all taxes (sales tax) and other price components is 70 EUR per month and 168 EUR for the 3-month subscription.
The fee is to be paid in advance by the subscriber to call-put-option.com. It becomes due for the first time on the date of issue of the invoice and is to be paid within 14 days.
Payment of the subscription fees may be carried out by bank transfer. If a money transfer is recalled due to a circumstance which is the fault of the subscriber, call-put-option.com may demand reimbursement from the subscriber for all accruing costs.
call-put-option.com may adjust the fees to be paid by the subscriber as a result of circumstances which have an effect on the costs of the provision of information within the framework of the subscription, in as far as these changes occur independently of the will of call-put-option.com. Any increase will be announced at least one month in advance on the Internet site.
call-put-option.com reserves the right to alter the subscription fees within a reasonable scope. In this event, the subscriber/call-put-option.com is entitled to terminate in writing the subscription with a notice of two weeks from the notification of the planned alteration at the end of the month following the notification.

3. . Duration of Contract / Withdrawal, Minimum Term according to § 2 II, 2. FernabsG / termination conditions are emphasized in accordance with § 2 III, 4.

The term of the contract commences with the notification of the confirmation of subscription to the subscriber. Each subscription has, in principle, a limited term and this is extended only at the request of the subscriber. Before the end of the term, the subscribers will be reminded of the expiry and of a possible extension of the subscription.
The 3-month subscription may be terminated with a notice of 2 weeks to the end of the subscription month. In the event of premature termination, the full monthly costs of 70 Euro per month will be charged to the subscriber for months which have already passed. Receipt of notification by the other party to the contract shall determine the timeliness of termination. The right to extraordinary termination for good cause in accordance with the other contractual and legal provisions remains unaffected. Good cause shall be, in particular, the discontinuance of the information service on the part of call-put-option.com, reasonable doubts as to the subscriber's ability to pay, as well as any breach of the obligations specified hereafter in Section 4.

4. Other Obligations of the Subscriber

Regarding the information in whole or any details contained within it, the subscriber is not entitled to forward it to third parties, to make it available for the use of others, to disseminate it in any other way, or to publish it without the previous written consent of call-put-option.com. Furthermore, the client is obliged to use the information contained in the trading newsletter of call-put-option.com for his own purposes only. All rights in relation to the subscriber, in particular copyright use and utilization rights, as well as rights concerning brand-names and intellectual property, shall be due exclusively to call-put-option.com or to other beneficiaries under law.
The subscriber is obliged to provide all the necessary registration data in a true, exact, up-to-date and complete manner.
In order to avail of the offer provided by call-put-option.com, the client has to provide the necessary system prerequisites and its operation at his own costs. call-put-option.com points out that the system prerequisites can change according to technical development.
a) The trading newsletter is sent by e-mail and is carried out by call-put-option.com, whereby the client is required to ensure that he also receives the newsletter (e.g. correct configuration of spam filters etc.).
b) The client is required to contact call-put-option.com if he does not receive the newsletter (otherwise the circumstances lie outside our area of knowledge).

5. Service Disruptions / Liability / Guarantee Conditions emphasized according to § 2 III, 3. FernabsG

Should call-put-option.com be fully unable to provide the information due to the subscriber, or only with considerable limitations, due to force majeure, or due to any other circumstances which are not the fault of either call-put-option.com or the subscriber, or because of a technical disruption, then the following shall apply. If the interruption is remedied within fourteen calendar days, then call-put-option.com is not liable for the stoppage of the information and for any damages resulting therefrom. Should the interruption last longer than fourteen days, then the obligation to payment of the subscription fees by the subscriber ceases as of the fifteenth day, as does the obligation to deliver the information on the part of call-put-option.com until it has been remedied. In particular, call-put-option.com is entitled to interrupt its services for the purposes of maintenance work. Interruption times shall be announced in good time on the Internet site or by e-mail to the subscribers.
The liability of call-put-option.com is limited with regard to all contractual obligations arising from this contract for grossly negligent and intentional behavior, as well as for the breach of essential contractual obligations by call-put-option.com or their agents. In addition, the following liability limitations do not apply in the case of grossly negligent and intentional behavior by call-put-option.com, as well in the case of the breach of essential contractual obligations by call-put-option.com or by its agents. Moreover, liability for consequential damages is restricted to foreseeable damages. call-put-option.com is not liable for any possible damages which may accrue to the subscriber in that he uses the information provided by call-put-option.com as a basis for his own investment decisions. The service provided by call-put-option.com does NOT consist of a consultation, but exclusively in the content and scope described in 1.1. call-put-option.com is liable neither for the correctness nor for the completeness of the information conveyed / provided, nor for any damages arising to the subscriber, in that the latter relies on the correctness of the information in the broadest sense. Contractual guarantee claims and claims for damages shall lapse after 2 years, in as far as they are not based on fraudulent intent.
call-put-option.com is not responsible for the contents of the websites of service providers who are linked on this Internet site. Any such contents are solely the responsibility of the relevant external service provider.
Should the subscriber be in arrears with the payment of the subscription fees or other payment claims, then call-put-option.com may cease the delivery of the trading newsletter in the case of continuity of the delay. The right to termination without notice due to payment arrears or for any other good cause remains unaffected. Independently of whether call-put-option.com exercises its right of extraordinary termination, all of the future fees, up to the time of the next possible termination date, shall become immediately payable by the subscriber in the events of arrears.
The liability for breaches of contact otherwise comply with the other contractual and legal provisions.

6. Data Protection

With regard to data protection, the legal provisions shall apply, in particular the Data Protection Act. The subscriber expressly declares his consent that the contractual data as submitted by him, as well as data concerning the type and frequency of his use of the service provided by call-put-option.com, are stored and used for the purposes of carrying out the contract. The subscriber's data may be forwarded to third parties for the purposes of application data processing in the context of contract handling and invoicing.

7. Miscellaneous

Should any individual provisions of the subscription contract or of the General Terms and Conditions become ineffective this shall have no effect on the validity of the remaining conditions. The parties to the contract undertake instead to agree on a replacement provision which comes as close as possible to the invalid one in a legally permitted and economic manner.
The non-enforcement of any of the individual rights contained in this contract shall not be deemed a general waiver of these rights, but that the person to whom they are entitled shall at all times remain entitled to their future enforcement within the framework of the legal provisions.
Any changes and additions to the subscription are required to be made in writing in order to be legally valid. Any changes to the General Terms and Conditions shall be made known to the subscriber in advance in writing. Should the subscriber not object to the changes within 2 weeks, then his consent shall be deemed to have been granted. The subscriber will be given express notification of this before the beginning of the objection deadline.
call-put-option.com is an independent product. There is no intention to convey the impression that call-put-option.com is the product of a cooperation partner. With your subscription to call-put-option.com, you are not entering into an agreement with a cooperation partner (e.g. software manufacturer, online broker, etc.). Moreover, the cooperation partner can refuse the proposed additional service in individual cases, should this be applied for by the subscriber. On the other hand, a refusal to provide the additional services of a cooperation partner does not have any influence on the subscription to call-put-option.com.
The place of performance and the court of jurisdiction for all obligations arising from this contract is Meissen. This shall not apply in as far as another court of jurisdiction is mandated by law.

8. Legal Address of the Company, emphasized in accordance with § 3 III, 2. FernabsG.

Martin Bauernfeind
Polenzer Linden 5
01665 Klipphausen